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Introduction to Thalix 50mg Capsule

Thalix 50mg Capsule belongs to the class of medications called immunomodulatory agents. It consists of the active ingredient Thalidomide. It is primarily indicated to treat patients recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer mainly affecting certain white blood cells called the plasma cell. These cells grow uncontrolled and accumulate in the bone marrow, damaging the bones and kidneys. It is also prescribed for treating moderate to severe new lesions in leprosy. Leprosy is a chronic disease that affects the skin and nerves and is caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae. 

The common side effects that are likely to be associated with Thalix 50mg Capsule are sleepiness, headache, dizziness, rashes, pain, tiredness, constipation, nausea, impotence, loss of appetite, fever, depression, etc. Inform your doctor if these side effects disturb or persist in you.

Inform your medical professional if you are allergic to Thalix 50mg Capsule and its ingredients. Inform your doctor if you have blood clots, heart attack, neuropathy (pain in the hands or feet caused by nerve damage), slow heart rate, low and high blood pressure,  liver or kidney problems, viral infections like HIV, hepatitis B virus, and varicella zoster. Your physician will monitor the thyroid function before and during treatment with this medication. Stop taking Thalix 50mg Capsule and consult a doctor immediately if you have to think you are pregnant, if you have irregular periods, missed a period, have any change in menstrual bleeding, or if you had sex without using effective birth control. It is not recommended for adolescents and children under 18 years of age.